How Can You Enhance Your brand Power With Video Marketing!

18 December , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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Introduction to Video Marketing For Brands..

In an age of ubiquitous viral pictures and videos, 2017 is the veritable heyday of self promotion. Generation Y became so adept at personal marketing – controlling your stresses their personal brands everywhere from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and YouTube – that they’ve turned the field into a form of entertainment and even surpassed small businesses in their capability to create a personal brand. Despite brands capability to connect directly with consumers on Twitter or other social network platforms, only 22% of companies see the value of creating a character for their brand marketing.

So why are young people so a lot better than brands and businesses at connecting with individuals on-line? The answer is straightforward! Individuals have learned to live and breathier personal brands, whereas many marketing professionals still view growing a brand as, well, a job. Injecting character into a company’s on-line presence is what sets that organization apart from the crowd. Video is the perfect place to showcase the of your company. Online video marketing is exploding in popularity, and with valid reason! based on a report from Vidyard, more than 70% of marketers say that video produces conversions better than every other form of content.

How Video marketing affects our business..

With the onset of internet, marketing tactics of brands have drastically changed. The constantly evolving digital era has compelled more and more brands to incorporate video content in their business strategy. To top that, now there is smart phone revolution which has made videos ever more consumer-friendly. In fact, over half of video content is watched on mobile. Due to popularity of video format, media production companies in Dubai are also on the rise. These trends are indicative that video production in 2017 is the need of the hour. Here are more reasons that have made promotional videos an integral part of branding strategy.

Market your product the video way!

2017 is the year of video marketing. In fact, videos have been dominated 74% of all internet traffic in 2017. But it’s OK if you have not yet figured out whether video marketing is right for your business or not. You may have doubts whether videos can be an effective marketing tool for your line of business or not. Or you may be worried about the dent video marketing might put in your budget.

All your doubts and worries are justified. Because even though video marketing has been around for a considerable time, it’s large scale adaption as an integrated business strategy is only recent. But the gears are shifting. 61% of businesses have incorporated video as a marketing tool and 66% of these companies were not using video a year ago. Indeed videos can be the perfect tool for delivering the right messages and validating claims of being expert and experienced in your field of business. So maybe it’s time you also understood the impact of utilizing effective marketing videos can have on your business.


There are many media production companies in Dubai. However, if you are planning to promote your business through videos you should select a promotional video production company that can meet your expectations. Studio-52 is a Dubai based audio-video production company having more than 4 decades of experience. We have on board of a team of specialists equipped with the knowledge of latest video production techniques. Whether you are looking for production of corporate video, product or service video, promotional video, training video, TV commercial or any other type of video, we can provide you end to end services. You can visit our website to see videos we have created for clients from a diverse spectrum of industries. So go ahead, grab the wonderful opportunities videos may offer your business.


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How Can You Enhance Your brand Power With Video Marketing!

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