4 Reasons Why an Outstanding Corporate Video is Worth it

03 February , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
4 Reasons why an outstanding corporate video is worth it- Studio52

With every research, you go through it’s becoming more and more clear that people love videos. A corporate video is the crown jewel of any marketing campaign. Many businesses have already realized the importance of videos. 

Think of videos as your organic salesperson, who is always out there, working for you even when you aren’t and in places, you couldn’t have even thought of. 

But, does that mean any video would do the trick. No, if you want people to talk about your brand, it has to be able to create a high amount of engagement. It should be worth sharing, exude professionalism, and be impactful. Such positive recognition for your brand is only possible through a professional corporate video.

A video that performs poorly will not get you good results if any. Instead, the right video will start bringing in profits right away. When you think about the wasted time making poor quality videos the illusion of cheapness starts to fade. After all, you could have spent that time onboarding your new clients.

In the end, ROI matters a lot more than the initial costs. That’s one very good reason why you should choose Studio52 for the best corporate video production services in Dubai. Now, let’s take a look at why a better video will increase ROI.

  • Quality Brings Quantity

Digital distribution works like a vicious cycle. Each view drives your content farther into the web. Google (and most search engines) sees people engaging with your video content as proof of its quality. Each person that finished watching your video will bring more and so on.

That makes clear how a better video actually improves reach. But there’s more, just as people actually watching your videos will improve reach, people that stop watching your video and leave your site early on will kill your reach. A poor video could negatively affect your other campaigns. Scary, right?

  • Quality Videos Bring More Engagement

Let me tell you, if you’re counting only on your budget for social media distribution you’ll have trouble competing. “Sharing” is a crucial component of a cost-efficient social media marketing campaign. Great content will have more organic distribution. Plus, paid promotions are cheaper for well-liked content. That’s right, you will be able to reach a lot more people with the same budget.

The problem is that you don’t have control over it. You do your best and hope people decide to share your content. That’s the whole point, you need to offer the best videos you can.

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  • Builds a Positive Brand Image

Sure, a simple video will get the message out there. However, that’s just not enough. A great corporate video needs to transmit your company culture. This is a complicated concept. It involves a wide arrange of small details that come together into an immersive experience. This might be out of the reach of amateur video producers. In our case, we make it the center of our production process. 

  • Boosts Sales

In the end, closing is what really matters. So far we’ve covered how a professional-grade video will help you get more traffic, expand your reach, and tell more than a simple message. True, this will all help you get more leads which in turn will mean more business. There is another plus, a great video will increase conversion rates. 

People take their money seriously. They want to trust the companies they do business with. What do you think? Will it be easier to trust the scrappy cellphone video? Or the seamless professional-grade presentation? 

What else is there to think about? Your company deserves quality media. There are many reasons why it will be worth it, important reasons. If you are looking to take it further, call now for a free consultation +971-4-454-1054.


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4 Reasons Why an Outstanding Corporate Video is Worth it

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