How can you control construction operations remotely?

08 May , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
time lapse construction video

Monitoring time and materials are of prime importance for many construction companies and investors. Video surveillance of the site can make a significant difference. There are a variety of unique security issues facing construction sites. Theft of water pipes, lumber, steel, cable, and other raw materials is a serious concern. Accidents and vandalism are also issues the development industry is forced to deal with and address. There is also the necessity to monitor suspicious activity. That is why the necessity of setting up a remote surveillance system on your construction site is beyond dispute. Let’s look at some benefits of adopting a remote time-lapse system.

Keep Your Eyes on the Site

In large-scale construction sites, where the frequent visits of contractors and trained personnel must be carefully regulated, the ability to monitor the site remotely is highly advantageous. Images are captured at set intervals and varying shutter speeds so as not to miss one of the action.

Reduce Accidents & Theft

The usage of remote time-lapse cameras can document and monitor safety violations that resulted in safety problems and accidental injuries. The footages can be reviewed to build up procedures to prevent similar problems from occurring again during the project. In addition, these cameras can help secure jobsites against theft and be used to provide evidence if required by law.

Monitor the Supply Chain

The remote control camera system has improved and upgraded all vital business operations including tracking work progress and delivery tasks to monitoring maintenance of construction tools and employees. This system stops any misdemeanours and helps monitor all personnel’s hours. Documenting all these from a manager’s office omits the necessity to be present at the site every day. The live images are an effective medium for you, your site managers, your surveyors and investors.

Interact With Workers

The time-lapse videos help connect with all your staff and address any issues you might have with their work ethic. Remember, many employees have weaker work ethics than you would expect them to. Time-lapse videos will help you weed out incompetent staff.

Monitor via Web& More.

You can connect to your cameras via web application 24×7. Remote time-lapse camera systems can also work indefinitely when linked to a droit source of power. When the main source of power cannot be utilized, particularly in remote exterior locations, solar energy can keep your camera system running.

Remote time-lapse cameras can allow stakeholders to view time-lapse video of everyday activities at the construction site. This permits them to screen progress and identify and address potential problems. This can protect the health and lives of staff and be an important factor in preventing construction gaps and overruns. So, if you own a construction site, then it is high time you seek for a service provider who can set up your cameras for your benefit.


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How can you control construction operations remotely?

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