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Studio 52 is the leading Drone photography and videography agency in Saudi Arabia & rest of the middle east. We've been helping businesses like yours for over 40 years. Our experience and cutting edge tech serve to show audiences unexpected takes and impactful productions.

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Drone Photography

Showing impossible angles on your content will make a real impact on your audience. Show them something better than what they expected, they'll appreciate it.

Drone Videography

Are you looking for a way to take video engagement to the next level? Drone filming will allow you to create an overwhelming experience for your viewers, leave your mark.

Drone Monitoring

Is there simply no way to monitor some critical parts of your project? No matter how remote, isolated, or vast your project might be, our drones have you covered.

Drone Mapping

If you're still using classic cartography tools for your mapping and surveying, we feel obligated to tell you that you're missing out. Put the latest tech to the task.

Why Choose us

Studio 52 has been helping businesses like yours to produce innovative media for over 40 years. Our Drone photography and videography services work to thoroughly impress the audience of our clientele. It's no wonder we're the number one choice for clients in Saudi Arabia.

40+ Years of Experience

Highly Skilled Team

On Time Delivery

Cost Effective Service

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We’ve worked with large, medium, and small organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Mapping & Surveying

Oil & Gas

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