Of course we don’t mean applause for the actual audio production. We’d actually be quite disappointed if that happened. We mean applause for the results. From the people who matter – upper management.

Savvy Communication Directors know that every message you put out presents more than just the specific information it was intended to convey. It communicates your culture, your style and, believe it or not, your reliability. In the same way that research has shown that dirty airplane seats give people the idea the airline is sloppy with safety too.

So you cannot afford to put out amateur audio, even for things as mundane as telephone hold messages or in store sales pitches.

STUDIO 52 has been the choice of savvy execs for 40 years. We can work in more than 40 languages, we have in-house recording facilities and sound engineers and writers, producers and creative people as well as international voice talent on contract. So we can do everything from idea to completion for everything from compelling messages and overdubs to hard-selling radio commercials.

You’ll find you end up with better quality, better prices and better turnaround times
That’s not why savvy execs continue to Choose Studio 52 for audio, however.

They do it for the results.
And so should you.

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