Mr. Saleh Saeed, founder of Studio52 in 1981.

LEFT: Saleh Saeed, founder of Studio52 with his son (1981)

BELOW:Moiz Saeed and Hatim Saeed (1981)

Studio 52 and Luke Skywalker were born in the same year: 1977. We went on to become the go-to commercial video production company in Dubai. And we didn’t even use the Force.

We are now truly a multinational video production operation. We embrace change. And the extent of our 360° strategic video production enterprise means we’re not just part of that dynamics. We’re driving it by setting new video production and film production standards. We like new video related tech too and put it (and our video production talent) to work innovating outstanding videos productions, audio productions and photography productions for many niche, national and global brands in an array of sectors.

You could be one of them.

Since its inception in 1977, Studio 52 has been in the forefront of state of the art video production services. Studio 52 recognizes the value of multimedia communication. We incorporate audio, video, imagery and technology in bridging cultural and geographical barriers to cater our customers.

Communication at its best…Studio 52’s knack for creativity and production capability transform corporate marketing, and internal communications weaknesses into well-defined and clear statements besting impractical and mediocre approach with subliminally effective and highly retentive media communication through audio, video, imagery, and technology.

Mr. Saleh Saeed, founder of Studio52 in 1981.
Our Team

Behind Studio 52’s multitude of success is a team that shares its passion in bringing in innovative techniques and creative ideas in every project. We create technological tools of tomorrow that you can benefit from today under broad communication spheres in audio, video, imagery and technology. The high production quality we maintain is the driving force that keeps our team inspired to do better in every opportunity.

Creativity beyond Limit

Our pool of conceptualizers, photographers, graphic artists and creative writers add a neat spin to each project. It is a challenge that distinguishes their creativity. Their forward approach trickles across reaching your communication goal and from which our creative team draws ultimate artistic satisfaction.

Style editors, actors and multilingual voice talents weigh in to create believable images, performances and accents. They bring out the authenticity and credibility to any of your multimedia communication requirement.

Our Team
Ideas in Films, Sounds, and Motion

Our highly specialized technical team takes pride in having staged production shoots in different regions worldwide. The challenge of extreme weather conditions, heights, depths, or a remote location is where they thrive in translating unique ideas into well-executed photo prints and videos.

Likewise, our audio technicians and video editors complete the sequence by adding final touches and enhancements to ensure that the communication material surpasses your expectations.

Our Clients