6 benefits and best practices of on-hold messages at the Call Centre

6 benefits and best practices of on-hold messages at the Call Centre

25 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
6 benefits and best practices of on-hold messages at the Call Centre

An on-hold message is a speaking recording that lets the caller know that she is still connected. A business may mix multiple messages or repeat the same set during a call, depending on its phone system message settings. Call center business pivots on the agent’s ability to handle calls and provide outstanding customer service. There is a significant investment of time, money, and attention in training a call center workforce. However, another aspect of a call center’s experience falls by the wayside: the music or messages they hear while on hold.

Call centers should strive to provide the same level of customer service during wait times as they do when a customer is speaking to a representative.

Let us highlight some of the important considerations of communication during wait times through on-hold messages at the call center.

Proper utilisation of wait times


  • Proper utilization of wait times

On-hold messages help keep callers waiting in line. From the caller’s perspective, time kept on hold is usually perceived as wasted time. A CNN survey shows that 70% of callers who are on hold in silence hang up within 60 seconds: of them,35% won’t call back. Thus it is very important to change that perception by playing a recorded message reminding customers on hold to have their account number handy or their payment information readily available. Customers who had information to listen to remained on hold up to three minutes longer.

  • Cordial behavior

It should never be communicated that you are busy when a caller has called, instead greet them and thank them for waiting and remind them that their time and business is greatly valued.

  • An opportunity for marketing 

On-hold messages allow a company to market to the caller while keeping them online. For example, a phone company can tell their customers about a new service or feature; e-commerce businesses allow the benefit of ordering and accessing a product or service immediately and thus increase the chances that the caller will buy it.

  • Engage your customers

Depending on your customer base, engaging with on-hold messages can mean playing appropriate music or playing entertaining recorded messages. These messages can be tailored to the brand’s image, and relevant stories and jokes can be shared. In this way, the more the business will be able to capture the customer’s attention, the less time they will feel they were on hold.

  • Manage call volumes

A business can use on-hold messages to reduce call volume. On hold messaging that answers a common question or provides information about an unusual occurrence help reduce the number of calls that must be fielded by live reps. If you provide enough helpful information in your on-hold messaging, you may end up answering your customer’s questions before their call is ever answered, thus freeing up their time as well as your call center workforce’s time.

  • Considerations and varying customer scenarios

On hold messages must be well crafted and timed correctly to achieve the desired results. Customers calling a billing problem phone number, for example, might be upset already and an on-hold message strongly pushing online support can make matters worse. Using music for on-hold is a clever tactic. Rather than using the same music, the tunes can be varied for each different situation. Slower music with a beat that matches the resting heart rate is perfect for calming upset customers calling to complain. Faster music can help spark excitement in a customer waiting in a sales line.

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Here, choosing a piece of music that best suits your brand is the best strategy.

Studio52 and THM/On-hold messages

A premier content creating company in the UAE and MENA region, Studio52 has developed and crafted on-hold messages for a variety of companies and industries, including the financial services, banking, telecom, and real estate sectors. The company understands that each company within a specific industry has a different set of requirements for on-hold messages. This is attuned to the brand, audience and specific tastes of the customer. There is a multilingual audience that also needs to be catered to here and the company has the pre-requisites to create and craft such messages with a high degree of precision and quality. It also helps that they work with a fine set of professional voiceover artists who are trained exclusively in voice, accent, diction, and tonality.

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6 benefits and best practices of on-hold messages at the Call Centre