Safety Video – 7 Best Workplace Safety Videos: to Inspire Safety at Work

22 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
safety video

Workplace safety is a critical aspect of any business or organization. A safe work environment not only protects employees from harm but also ensures that operations run smoothly and efficiently. While employers are responsible for maintaining safe workplaces, employees must take an active role in promoting safety on the job. 

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One effective way to encourage workplace safety is through the use of videos. Videos can inspire employees to think about safety in new ways, highlight potential hazards, and demonstrate best practices. 

Here, at Studio52, we’ve created plenty of safety training videos and in this article, we’ll be discussing seven of the best workplace safety videos that you can use to inspire safety at work. 

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or employee, these videos are sure to leave a lasting impact and help make your workplace a safer place.

  1. Lifting Operation Safety Video

Studio52 has produced a highly informative workplace safety video that explains the necessary life-saving rules for individuals working in or around a lifting operation process. The video emphasizes the need for constant vigilance when working with heavy machinery, highlighting the various potential hazards that can arise during such operations. 

The video emphasizes the importance of undertaking risk assessments, implementing procedural controls, obtaining work permits, and having emergency response plans in place. This video, which has a runtime of approximately four minutes, is highly recommended for construction workers and supervisors looking to ensure the safety of their employees.

2. Life-Saving Rules When Driving

This Studio52-made video explains the importance of driver and vehicle safety. Driving is one of the critical activities in how we do our daily business. But, at the same time, it’s the one that’s often overlooked in terms of safety. 

The video Emphasizes the importance of planning every journey and making necessary vehicle checks even before the vehicle is started. The video goes on to explain how it’s important to drive safely at all times, and all in a very educational four minutes! 

This one is ideal for anyone dealing with any kind of transport activities, both as great employee training and an operational safety video!

3. Forklift Camera Video

 You can make a very efficient safety video even without the use of words, and this forklift safety camera educational video is the perfect example of that! 

Here at Studio52, we’ve joined forces with the provider of safety equipment SharpEagle to show how their forklift safety system operates. We have shown how you can position their video surveillance system all around the vehicle. At the same time, we’ve presented how this system helps driver and pedestrian safety in just under a minute-long video! 

This one is a must for anyone working in warehousing, be it as a manager, a safety engineer, or just a regular driver wanting to make a positive impact at his workplace.

4. Occupational Safety at Grey Wolf

Wolf has taken a great leap at ensuring their worker’s safety. Too many times, occupational hazards come because of poorly implemented procedures and Grey Wolf wanted to ensure their employees are well educated in this regard. Luckily, they’ve chosen Studio52 to help them out! 

In this animated video, we explain the entire safety process a single Grey Wolf employee undergoes in their working day. From checking in with their supervisor and medical staff, to not taking any third-party commands, except GreyWolf supervisors. It further explains how workers have the responsibility to analyze each dangerous situation on their own, placing the power of responsibility on their workers, now this is how a strong employer creates a loyal and empowered workforce. 

This is a video that anyone in the oil and even construction industry should adhere to and look to emulate in their own company!

5. Hard-Hitting Videos With A Message

HHV or Hard hitting videos always have a brutal way of presenting what can happen if only a single moment of poor focus occurs during a job. 

In this video, they’ve shown how a careless driver starts typing a message while driving and in another moment the scene ends in a bloody accident. What do you think happened? A very effective way to get anyone startled and thinking about their actions in life, and in just under a minute. Right? 

This a video perfect for any employer dealing with careless drivers or vehicle operators.

6. Safe System of Work

CCED wanted to teach their employees about the basic simple rules to help everyone employ safety in their line of duty. They wanted a short animated video, and they’ve chosen Studio52 to help them out! 

In this video, we’re turning the attention to the employee and how these are really simple rules to follow. We further break down these rules into best practice checks and routines that help people make it out without any harm at the end of their work day. It all begins by planning, performing safety checks, basics of performing work safely, and handing over their work unit to the next person in line with safety in mind. 

This a perfect formula for an industrial safety engineer worried about occupational safety hazards in their workplace.

7. ARO Drilling Cares

ARO Drilling is a company striving to protect both their workers and the environment they’re working in and they’ve chosen Studio52 to help them show this. 

In this short video, we used animation to show how unsafe work check routines are handled on-site. It further explains how every worker has the responsibility to report any unsafe routines and how emergency alarms and sirens should be handled with utmost attention! It also shows the efforts taken by ARO drilling to equip their workers with the best safety equipment in the industry. 

Great job to ARO drilling as this is an occupational safety video everyone should watch and implement in their line of work! 


In conclusion, workplace safety is of paramount importance for any organization. Investing in safety measures not only protects employees from harm but also ensures business continuity and productivity. The use of workplace safety videos can be an effective way to educate and inspire employees to prioritize safety at work. 



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Safety Video – 7 Best Workplace Safety Videos: to Inspire Safety at Work

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