Key Reasons to Use Timelapse Videos for Demolition Projects

Key Reasons to Use Timelapse Videos for Demolition Projects

12 July , 2018 by admin
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Construction timelapse videos not only act as ideal ways to inform the world about the quality of your demolition work but can also be reference points for future projects. While many cameras and smartphones now come equipped with time lapse features, recording for longer hours can be a difficult task with them. That’s where highly advanced, power efficient timelapse construction cameras can come to your rescue. You can click excellent quality images and videos effortlessly with them.

Business benefits of timelapse videos are varied. From documenting video surveillance to offering a live camera view of the demolition work – everything can be captured in timelapse videos to great effects. Wondering how this matters?

Demolition is often the key part of any remodeling or pre-construction work. Images showing the demolition of constructions using necessary means taken at certain intervals can be played back as part of timelapse videos. Here’re the reasons why you should use timelapse construction cameras for demolition projects.

1. Safety of the workmen and surrounding environment is one of the key concerns of any demolition project. Regardless of the type of demolition work, utmost care and consideration has to be exercised in all aspects to ensure safety of the surrounding environment. Installation of timelapse construction cameras at the sight can ensure safe and efficient undermining, shifting or razing of the builds.

2. Strategic positioning of timelapse construction cameras can ensure capturing everything that is required. This may include operation of machinery, and movement of workers, among others. This incredibly helps in monitoring the required speed of work to ensure its timely completion.

3. From a marketing standpoint, professionally edited timelapse videos of demolition work can provide the investors and customers with live view of the site. It helps in establishing trust and brand identity.

4. While demolition projects often act as the initial phases of remodeling works, at times, retaining some past elements may be required. The reason can be anything – from preserving the significance of cultural heritage builds to constructing an identical build to the earlier one. Timelapse videos of the demolition project help in such preservation tasks.

But that’s not all. These videos have some marketing and publicizing benefits too. Wondering what the real deal is? Here’s what they bring to the table.

1. A customized web link to timelapse videos can be viewed from anywhere through client login by the investors. This greatly helps in assuring those who have invested their hard-earned money in the project about on-schedule demolition.

2. Daylight snapshots, taken after certain intervals, can be edited, saved and released through social media channels to attract prospective customers.

3. Addition of demolition or construction timelapse videos as an inherent part of your service can depict your expertise to impressive effects.

The best thing about timelapse videos of demolition works is people can actually see what’s going on. This isn’t only a great way to engage customers but can be strategically used to generate publicity and public interest as well. Timelapse videos also work notably well at trade shows to build trust among booth visitors.

If you’re planning to use timelapse video production for your demolition project as well as construction work, don’t hesitate to contact Studio 52 today. Our team of adept professionals will be happy to help you.

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Key Reasons to Use Timelapse Videos for Demolition Projects