You’d think it would be the CEO or the Sales people, but this is not likely to be the case. A bad quarter or two will not destroy the company, nor will it kill or injure anyone. Whereas a lapse in safety training and retraining can often do both.

That’s the kind of responsibility and high stress that the highest IQ people tend to seek out. Especially in the oil and gas industry where it is often more dangerous to be an employee than it is to be a soldier in many countries.

Recent IQ research shows that the higher the IQ the longer the life expectancy.

This makes sense as smarter people can see more areas where danger can occur, both in the present and in the future, and work intelligently to make sure these things never happen.

It’s this kind of challenge that attracts high IQ people.

We’ve worked with Safety Directors from all over the world and we think they re the smartest people we’ve ever met. Mainly because they have chosen to work with us at STUDIO 52 for years, if not decades. That alone separates the smarter from the not so smart.

So do their consistent high safety records.






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