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Studio 52 Audio is a reliable audio production facility with a proven track of supporting large, medium & small organizations since 1977

Savvy professionals come to Studio 52. They know we are reliable partners who would support their IVR, Telephone Hold Message, Radio Commercials, Multi-lingual dubbing with quality productions, express delivery and excellent customer service experience.

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Some of our renowned clients

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Warba Bank

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Why should you work with us?

Because we employ highly skilled technicians who work in a professional, purpose-built studio, we have a selection of over 100 artists to choose from, we offer amazing customer satisfaction.

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We assure only the best


Keep your Customer

In order to retain your callers, there must be persuasive telephone on-hold messages to show your customers are valued.


High Quality

High quality audio that helps clients to inform, educate and advertise their customers is Studio 52’s Advantage.



Studio 52 has a solid track record in producing on hold voice recordings, custom on hold messages, holding music for businesses


Protect your brand

We aim to present your brand in its best light: safeguarding your investment


Custom content

Studio 52 is commercial audio production company for multiple brands, our creative radio ads make your brand stand out from other competitors.



Our IVR company is trustworthy as an IVR service provider since last 4 decades in the industry.

Working with us is very simple
and all takes place online:

You tell us what you need and we provide a quote along with some relevant voice samples

If you’re happy, you place an order

We develop a script for your approval

You listen to our voice artists online and choose the one you like best

We record your approved script using your chosen voice artist

We deliver your file in the format of your choice and within the set deadline


some of our clients say about us:

Talking to us will cost you nothing and we could transform the way your customers perceive your business Why not get in touch now, while this is on your mind?

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