Timelapse video production services: Best way to document and showcase progress story of your project

09 February , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Timelapse video production services

It is an inherent human desire to capture beautiful moments. Sometimes it’s just for sentimental value, but oftentimes it has tremendous potential from cultural, economical and business perspective as well. So when you are building something remarkable, it is obvious that you would want to capture the story of its creation from start to finish. Thanks to high tech cameras and timelapse video production technique, it is now possible to document, manage and share progress story of project. Whether you are building a retail mall, sports stadium, healthcare facility, educational premises, hotel or any other commercial or residential project, you can track and share its progress story using time lapse construction video. You can even capture progress story of building a ship or a plane with timelapse video.

time lapse video

So what is a time lapse video?

Time-lapse photography or videography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that used to view the sequence. So, when played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. The main objective of timelapse video is that it makes it possible to view events occurring over a long interval of time in a short period.

How your business can benefit from timelapse video?

Let’s assume that you own an infrastructure company, and your company has been given an opportunity to build a fantastic sports complex. You can hire a timelapse video production company to capture step by step growth of ongoing construction. You can share these videos with your potential investors and stakeholders to assure them of your quality and consistency of work. Further, once the project is completed, you can show this video to your prospective clients to earn more business opportunities.

construction time lapse video

If you think timelapse video is useful for you, what’s the way forward?

If you are eager to share story of your project, Studio52 can help you with that. Studio 52 is a leading audio-video production house from Dubai having over 4 decades of experience in the field. No matter, whether your project is short term or long term, whether the environment is hot or cold, Studio 52 can help you document your project with specialized solar powered HD camera system and an expert crew.

You can visit the below mentioned link to see some examples of timelapse videos produced by Studio 52.

If you need further assistance you can also call on toll free (Within UAE) number 800-52.


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Timelapse video production services: Best way to document and showcase progress story of your project

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