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Video Cloud Services

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Solar Power Camera

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Non-Stop Technical Assistance

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STUDIO 52 advantage

Monitoring the progress of a construction project is crucial. Thankfully, it can be achieved effortlessly using long term time lapse. STUDIO 52 can set up construction time lapse cameras, completely wireless and solar. Our time lapse video camera will give you the ability to monitor the progress of your construction site project, at any time from anywhere. We’ve been doing time lapse photography & videography for over 40 years, exceeding the expectations of clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and more.

We are the most experienced, advanced, and reliable time lapse company in Dubai. Our team of expert timelapse video maker can tackle any issue that might come up. We will either see them coming and plan for them or fix them swiftly. There’s no need for you to lose any sleep.

What if there is a power outage?

Our advanced solar-powered cameras won’t be affected.

What if the feed line is broken?

We use the latest wireless technology. No line, no problem.

What if the cameras get repositioned?

Our team monitors them 24/7 and will quickly react to fix it.

What if there is too much footage?

We have unlimited cloud storage, no such thing as too much footage.

What if I need a progress report?

We can deliver a professional HD status report whenever you need one.

timelapse video production

Studio 52 is the leading time lapse solution provider in Dubai, UAE. Our high quality Time lapse services include: site survey, installation, monitoring the set up for as long as necessary, compiling the progress reports on-time, and then, deliver the complete project in an impressive HD quality time lapse video.

Do as the savvy executives and go to sleep worry free!

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On-Demand Real-time photo

Instant clicking of picture and sharing
on innumerable email addresses

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Construction Progress Videos

Display construction progress of your project from a new perspective with construction time lapse video. Studio 52 will set up construction site camera to capture & edit a video featuring all the effort that goes into your construction project. We are an experts in ultra 4k time lapse video production & our work speaks for our brand.

We’ve delivered outstanding videos to clients such as Oil & Gas, Building Construction & Maritime. Studio 52 caters time lapse services in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and other middle east areas.

Timelapse Videography

With time lapse video you can capture months of work in a few minutes, also display the most dynamic views of your construction site. Timelapse recording allows you to monitor your construction projects site remotely. These are just some of the perks you gain by installing time lapse construction camera at your worksite.

Our time lapse camera is designed with latest technology, solar powered, video cloud service, wireless, Live Streaming & 24/7 monitoring of your construction project.

Drone Shot Videos

Take the presentation of your construction site to the next level. Timelapse Drone Shots will make your video stand out, daring takes that will amaze your viewers. Time lapse videography services are perfect for capturing work progress at your construction or demolition sites. Our timelapse video production process begins with understanding your objectives to ensure you receive a time lapse video according to your project requirement.

We will deliver a seamless capture of your construction project on HD or ultra HD.

Projects of any Duration or Complexity
Long term, Medium term, Short term

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