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Difference between 2D and 3D animation

2d & 3d animation video

We live in an era of digital excellence with technology application at its peak. The traditional ways of marketing are no more attractive. It’s an era of digital web content where businesses use digital tools to reach customers. With online marketing getting the attention of millions of people over the globe, today’s marketing strategies call…

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2D or 3D? Choosing the Right Animation Production Service

animation video production

As the business world has expanded over the internet, the use of digital content has grown exponentially. Among commercially used content, animation comes amongst the most widely used strategy amongst business players. In business centers like UAE, where the competition has expanded beyond the national boundaries, animation production is extensively used for marketing and strategic…

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9 On hold message ideas

on hold message

We live in an era of extreme competition. For every business, customers have hundreds and millions of options. It is because technology and the use of the internet have turned this globe into a global village. In this era of tough competition, you van nit afford to leave your customer unattended even for a second.…

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Is a Drone worth it for photography?

drone photography

The domain of videography and photography has largely benefited from technological advancements. You see high-resolution videos and photos all over the social media. Most of the top coverage photos you see are the result of drone photography. But is this craze about the drones worth the investment? Like any other investment, purchasing a drone for both professional…

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How animation videos help your business?

animation video

The business world is now a digital world where technology serves a pivotal position. Just as marketing and selling trends are changing, you can see more and more businesses opting for animation videos. A good animated explainer video production company can help you achieve a competitive advantage in a way like never before. Animation video entails the…

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Importance of promotional videos

promotional videos

Promotional videos are the newest trend in marketing. In this age, when technology has turned the world into a global village, your business competition is fierce. Especially in commercial centers like Dubai, survival in the business world is hard. The competition is global, and customers have thousands of options available a few clicks away. Digital…

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How to choose the best digital marketing agency in Dubai?

digital marketing agency in dubai

It’s an era of commercial digitization. From household to commercial entities, everyone views things with a new prism of technology and innovation. The same goes for marketing strategies for business, especially in Dubai. Dubai, which is rightly believed to be New York of the Middle East, has transformed into a well-deserved commercial capital of the…

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How to find the best video production company in Dubai?

video production dubai

The need for video production teams in the business world is mounting. Content has become a resource for the growing company making the online presence a vital competitive edge. Video production services bring up your business in little time with maximum quality. Gone are the days of contemporary marketing trends, where you needed traditional marketing plans. It’s…

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4 Ways how to use animation in your corporate training videos

animated video

Employees are the core of any company. The development of business is directly dependent on the performance of their employees. Therefore, it’s very important to provide necessary training to all the employees as per their working. As per analysis, a trained employee performs better than one without prior training. To be more exact, a trained…

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How can you use your IVR to improve your customer service

IVR Production

In this article, we’re going to share a few tips on how to do it using your IVR system. Your IVR is the first impression your customers get from your brand. That gives it a lot of weight on your customer satisfaction. Happy callers mean a higher conversion rate. We are living in an age of…

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Benefits of monitoring your construction site with time lapse camera

time lapse videography

Time-lapse video in construction business is a powerful and resourceful tool. You might know it already. What you might be wondering is what makes it so powerful. Today, we’ll look into various benefits and efficacy of monitoring your construction site remotely. Remotely controlled camera systems have upgraded all vital business operations from tracking work progress to…

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4 Reasons why you should focus on storytelling for your productions

video production

In the past, marketers thought that saturating a video with effects and polishing it to perfection made it successful. People would invest fortunes producing masterpieces of media to market brands. This changed once video production became widely available, suddenly anyone could record, edit, and publish a video. Amateur videos flooded the internet and new trends…

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4 Dangerous Situations Ideal for Oil and Gas Industry Safety Videos

safety video

In our day-to-day, we deal with situations that can be very dangerous. Simple and everyday things like checking the cell phone, riding a bicycle or even walking can be deadly. There are plenty of other everyday hazards. If you want to learn about them, check out this article: Safety Hazards to Watch Around the Houses.…

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Tips to Take Care of Yourself During the Quarantine

Tips to Take Care of Yourself During the Quarantine

It’s been without a doubt some interesting and troubling times around the world with the Coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s during these times that calm should prevail to do things the right way. It’s all a matter of informing yourself well and take the necessary measures. We’ll take this opportunity to give you some really important…

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3 Key Reasons Why IVR System is Important in Hospitals

ivr recording for hospitals

Without a doubt, hospitals are one of the places with more demand anywhere in the world. Every day people have all kinds of health emergencies. It can be a very strong flu, a fracture, or a simple checkup. There are a lot of cases. As it’s a site of such demand, it can become difficult…

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