Construction Time-Lapse Video & Site Monitoring

Construction Time-Lapse Video & Site Monitoring

16 February , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Construction Timelapse Camera

Have you ever wished to capture beautiful moments like a blooming flower, clouds floating by, or the stars moving through the sky at night? It was almost impossible to capture such dynamic scenes until the introduction of the time-lapse technique. 

Time-lapse is a unique concept that has made a significant mark in the world of visual communication. It is now an integral part of numerous industries, especially construction. However, very few people know what happens behind the scenes. 

Here, we will get into the details of the construction time-lapse industry and its uses.

What is a Time-lapse Video?

The idea is simple: several still-images or videos taken at regular intervals combined and viewed at an ideal playback speed. Time-lapse allows you to capture the passage of time. In other words, it shows you reality unfold in sped-up motion, revealing the flaws and strengths which are too subtle for us to notice or track otherwise.

Stepping into the Construction Time-lapse Camera Industry

The concept of time-lapse is not something new. The idea was generated in 1872. However, it came into the limelight when Dr. John Ott (a famous photo-researcher, author, photographer, and cinematographer) recorded a time-lapse video to capture the growth of plants in the 1930s.

The construction industry did not adopt the technique until 1969 because cameras were expensive and not easy to move around. However, the increasing innovation and growth in camera technology made time-lapse more accessible and cost-effective for construction companies. It helped them identify hurdles that slowed the progress of a project.

Construction Timelapse Camera

Why Use Construction Time-lapse Video and Site Monitoring?

Construction projects usually go on for long durations. Therefore, it can be a struggle to monitor and convey the progress made over time. Earlier, companies used still-images to do that. However, those images couldn’t justify the months or years of hard work. 

With time-lapse, construction companies can more effectively sum up several months of work on a construction site. Scroll below to read how time-lapse construction videos can help your business.

1. Monitoring Construction Site

You can’t be on a construction site 24/7. Thanks to time-lapse videos, you don’t have to visit the site frequently to keep track of everything. You can monitor the site remotely from your office, home, or wherever you are. Moreover, real-time monitoring with time-lapse allows you to control work schedules, plan restocks, identify bottlenecks immediately, and much more. Consequently, productivity levels on your construction project automatically go up.

2. Motivating Employees

Working in the construction industry is physically demanding. Employees usually have to work on tight deadlines, making it even more challenging. It is crucial to keep reminding them about far they have come in such conditions. This gives them a sense of achievement and motivates them to perform better. Plus, seeing a complete review of what they have done at the end also gives them a reason to celebrate and builds their spirit for future projects. 

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Construction Timelapse Camera

3. Updating the Client 

Clients need to be updated regularly about the status of the project. Giving them long reports every time they want an update is not a wise thing to do. Why? Because they might not have enough time to go through them. Additionally, just a few pictures will not convey all the information they want. Then why not impress them with a time-lapse video? It will show them all the work done till the moment. 

4. Gaining New Clients

Time-lapse videos can be a powerful tool to market your construction brand. Imagine showing your potential clients how you established a whole building from the ground. Sounds exciting, right? You can share the video on your website, social media, and other marketing channels. New customers can figure out how you work and what kind of service you provide. In short, time-lapse videos are a highly fascinating way to tell your construction story.

5. Engaging the Community

Construction projects often create chaos around the site. The areas surrounding your site suffer due to increased noise, dust, traffic, and travel constraints. However, you can make up for all disruption by including the whole community in the process through time-lapse videos.

With time-lapse video, you can show them how you are transforming the area around the construction site. This way, more people will feel connected to your project and support you along the way. If not during the process, they can look at the whole project after completion and know how you handled everything promptly. 

6. Providing Documentation

Hiring a construction time-lapse & video site monitoring service helps you legally too. How? Just use the time-lapse videos as a source of documentation for your construction project. You can get clear images from the footage in case of any disputes. You can also download clips and send them to the professionals involved.

Final Words

Time-lapse is now an important part of almost every construction project. Using time-lapse, you can monitor the construction site more effectively, update your client, engage the community around the site, motivate your employees, market your brand, and document your project. 

Time-lapse equipment and techniques are not easy to handle. That is why it would be best for you to hire professionals for the job like Studio52 – Media Production Company. We have managed construction time-lapse video & site monitoring for numerous renowned brands in the MENA region successfully. 

Construction Timelapse Camera


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