Prepare your Hotel’s Telephone Hold Message for the Arabian Travel Market

26 March , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
Telephone Hold Message

The leading event for the middle east travel industry is approaching. This year, the Arabian Travel Market will start on the 28th of April. Hosted on the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the event is expecting over 39,000 travel professionals, government ministers, and international press. They will come together to network and explore over 2,800 showcases.

28,000 of those attending will be visitors, looking for the best available accommodation. Naturally, this is a crazy time for hotels all over Dubai. Thousands of people calling wanting to make a reservation, every single one wishing to make it as quickly as possible. It’s very unlikely that your team will be able to answer every single call immediately, this is where your telephone on hold message really comes to shine.

A good time to test your system

When was the last time you ran a stress test of your system? It might be working great with your average traffic, but a crash at this time could be a catastrophe. People will be rushing to get a room before they are all taken, this extra pressure will make customers more likely to try with another hotel. A simple stress test will help you avoid that, don’t give those hot leads a chance to look away.

Double check the content of your message

You should make sure there is no outdated content on your telephone on-hold message. This is not the time to create confusion for your customers, this might be a nuisance in most cases, but with the rush of the ATM mislead customers are likely to be alienated. Make sure to take out all expired offers, or of season messages.

Customize your message for the event

After clearing your message from outdated content, you should consider adding a mention of the event. Maybe saying something about how easy it is to get to the venue from your hotel. Knowing that you’re aware and prepared for the event will be well perceived by costumes, that’s exactly what they’re looking for. This would be a great opportunity to display any special deals you might be offering, perhaps include an ATM special.

Think about extra languages

Those 28,000 visitors will come from all around the world. It’s no secret, people like hearing their native tongue. The personalized touch will make them feel more welcome. Demand will be high, that means the competition will be fierce. Every edge you can give your line will help. The Arabian Travel market expects visitors from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. About 141 countries will be represented in this event. Basically, you can’t go wrong with a few extra languages on your on hold message.

Taking these simple steps will help your hotel make the most out of the Arabian Travel Market. However, you might be to busy with other preparations. After all, you need to tend to those who are already coming first. Don’t worry, you can leave the job to us. we have all the experience needed to make sure your on hold message is a huge success. Schedule a free consultation today, CALL NOW +971-4-454-1054.


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Prepare your Hotel’s Telephone Hold Message for the Arabian Travel Market

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