Safety Videos and training – An obligation at Workplace

07 March , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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No matter if you own a large scale or a small scale business, workplace danger and threats is an apparent fact for all the employees as well as employers. Educating about the safety procedures in operating the safety equipment at workplace is a must, and what other than a safety video training can do it best.

In industries such as oil and gas and mining, exposure to harmful chemicals, explosions, fires, fall from height and breakdown of machinery are some of the occupational risks any worker would face on a daily basis. Since workplace risk and hazards are perceived in almost all the industries, it is essential to provide health and safety training for their workers and to update this knowledge regularly.

Educating workers on health and safety can thus help reduce workplace accidents, saving companies from major legal battles, financial loss and LTI. Incorporating safety video into employee safety training can provide a wide range of benefits including:

Continuation of message: Whether a company is inducting new staff or conducting a refresher training course for current employees, utilizing a safety video will ensure the same message is received in the same way by all the employees. Even in case of rolling out new information, videos serve as a proof and documentation that these new standards were introduced to all the employees while maintaining consistency.

Pictures carry more value than words: As it is said that people remember only 10% of what they hear, 30% of what they read and 80% of what they see. Human brains love visuals. Hence, health & safety videos would help to deliver a much more effective and efficient message including aural, visual, read/write and kinaesthetic, than text alone.

Better understanding: Visualising critical safety techniques, such as operating a big machine is much better to understand when trainees see it performed on a safety training video. A well designed video would take about half the time to explain the technique than text and avoids confusion as well.

Track completion: Corporate training can be time consuming, however videos allows employees to access the training course from anywhere and at any time. Track the attendance for employee safety training to identify who has completed the training and who hasn’t. Apart from legal and financial benefits, employee’s health and safety instructions can help enhance productivity and satisfaction. Employees who are assured of their safety at workplace are satisfied with employers and thus contribute to enhanced employee morale.


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Safety Videos and training – An obligation at Workplace

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