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Importance of Safety Induction Video in Building and Construction Sites

Safety Video

The ever-growing construction industry sees a lot of fatalities. Only in 2017, there were 2.674 worker fatalities in the private construction industry, and this number is rising. Hence there’s a growing need of maintaining a safe construction site. So establishing a safety culture is of paramount importance.  The fastest and best media used for worker…

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5 Strategies to Strengthen Workplace Safety Training 

workplace safety training

Workplace safety is an important factor to consider for every business, and providing proper safety training to employees is a key part of keeping a safe and secure work environment. Interactive images can help to engage employees and make safety training more effective.  This blog discusses 5 strategies to strengthen workplace safety training with interactive…

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How Does Safety Video Create a Standard of Communication?

Safety Video helps in Standard of Communication

Creating a fun and safe environment at work is a top priority, and what better way to do that than with some entertaining safety videos? These videos inform employees and visitors of potential hazards and show them the proper procedures and emergency protocols. Let’s make sure everyone goes home safe and sound. The Benefits of…

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5 Reasons Why Animated Health and Safety Videos Are So Effective?

Effective Health and safety animated videos

An estimated 2.3 million people around the world have work-related accidents or diseases every year. This means workplace safety is of paramount importance as it affects the lives of your employees. While frequent accidents in your organization can deter new personnel from joining your workplace, they can also cause a great deal of insecurity in…

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