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The Benefits of TimeLapse Technology for Construction and Infrastructure Projects

time lapse video construction

Timelapse technology has revolutionised the way construction and infrastructure projects are planned and executed. Timelapse is a type of videography which records an event happening over a long period of time, and then compresses it into a much shorter duration. Timelapse technology has several benefits for construction and infrastructure projects, making it an essential tool…

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How you can benefit from Timelapse Events – Studio 52

Studio52 - How you can benefit from timelapse events

TimeLapse Video  When most people think of timelapse video they see blooming flowers, changing seasons or the Northern lights dancing in the sky.  Urban dwellers picture construction happening at lightning speed, watching a skyscraper appear in 20 seconds. Perhaps you’ve watched these incredible videos and wondered why this fascinating technology hasn’t been put to better…

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