Don’t Give Your Callers the Silent Boring Treatment: Explore Telephone Hold Message (THM)

Delivery of certain important information to the customers while the call is on hold or they are being transferred from one department is a service known as Telephone Hold Message. This service is primarily used by organizations or businesses for the purpose of marketing and to [...]

7 reasons why you must not miss out on in-store advertising

Since the inception of mall culture, retail industry has become ever more organized; and so their marketing efforts to woo customers. Nowadays, retailers are pushing the throttle on all marketing channels – old school and modern day innovations – to reach out to their customers. Take [...]

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Solve Customers’ Queries with Effective & Innovative Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

If technologies have taken huge leaps in all sectors, how can audio sector sit on back seat? Now, you may ask what such revolutions in audio industry are. Well, there are many, but to name major two revolutions. 1) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 2) Telephone Hold [...]

6 mistakes that can doom your radio commercial

In the last half century radio has emerged as a powerful platform of communication. Impact of radio as a medium of effective advertising tool has accelerated manifold.  In fact, radio commercials have become an implied necessity to ensure full-fledged success of a marketing program. Today radio [...]

2D & 3D Animation Video for Medical Industry’s Soaring Growth

Take any industry, and it demands a clear communication for growth. Just imagine, you have gone to pitch your investors with a presentation but you cannot communicate the purpose or objective of the presentation. Now, after the presentation the investors whom you pitched tell you that [...]

5 things you must know before going for radio advertising

Radio is a powerful and effective media platform across the world for impactful communication. Especially in the UAE, radio communication is very popular in reaching out to a diverse audience. In UAE, radio reaches to approximately 80% of the population with 47 radio stations.  About 5.1 [...]