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Don’t miss any calls during the Arabian Travel Market

There is a lot of potential building up with the Arabian Travel around the corner. The leading event for the middle east travel industry is expecting 28,000 visitors this year. Phones will be going wild, are you sure that your call center will be able to [...]

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How to plan a successful video marketing strategy

Video content is important for most marketing strategies, 87% of marketers use it (Hubspot 2018). That's not surprising considering that 54% of internet users want to see more video content. There is a lot of competition. However, the high demand makes the format very effective for [...]


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5 Reasons why your IVR should be multilingual

IVR is an outstanding business tool, a receptionist working tirelessly around the clock. It will give information and solve issues for your clients, saving valuable time for your executives. You might still be thinking about getting one, in that case, you can take a look at [...]

4 reasons why you should tell a story with your videos

In the past, marketers thought that saturating a video with effects and polishing it to perfection made it successful. People would invest fortunes producing masterpieces of media to market brands. This changed once video production became widely available, suddenly anyone could record, edit, and publish a [...]

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5 best ways to impress your audience with Timelapse Video

Are you looking for a way to spark audience engagement? Using Timelapse video in a creative way will certainly call their attention. Having an engaged audience comes with a bunch of benefits. Your content will get more reach, your click rates will be higher, and more [...]

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