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4 tips for an unforgettable corporate news video

Keeping your team up to date with company news is key for a successful workplace. Aware employees are more efficient and less likely to screw up. The most effective ways to achieve this is by using news videos. It will bring better understanding, cut costs of [...]

How to use IVR to increase the reach of your marketing

One of the bests things about your IVR system is flexibility. There's no need to limit its uses to customer service. In fact, it's kind of a waste. Your IVR has huge marketing potential. Just think about it. Making a client return for more it's always [...]

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6 Perks of live event filming

Event marketing is an excellent way to promote your brand. You will be able to promote your business and meet leads and peers. Most importantly, you will discover the latest trends in your industry. However, the benefits don't need to end there. You can extend them [...]

Keep your employees up to date with a news video

Well informed employees are more effective. More importantly, they are less likely to screw up. If business is going well, you'll likely have a lot to share with your employees. Your executives will be busy dealing with clients, delivering the news personally to every department will [...]

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5 reasons to hire a professional photography agency

You're probably familiar with the phrase "Content is king". Blogging and social media are no longer the future of marketing, they are the present. The only problem is, almost everybody already caught up with the trend. You can't simply publish any picture with a realistic expectation [...]

7 Things you didn’t know about animated videos

Video content is quickly taking over the internet. If you're not glad about this, chances are you don't have the budget for a full-on production. If that's the case, you must not be familiar with video animations. We wanted to share some of our experience on [...]